5. Students Tab

Students Tab

The Students tab is linked to the site's home page. Links under this tab include:
  • Google Docs - an external link to your SVSU Google Apps for Education login.
  • Infinite Campus - an external link to the Infinite Campus for students login.
  • Holt McDougal Online - an external link to the teacher portal for the online middle school math program.
  • Lunch Menu - a link to the Mount Anthony Union Middle School lunch menu from the Abbey Group website.
  • Staff Directory / Websites - a listing of school employees in the building. Names are linked to email addresses. Where teachers have created classroom websites, links are available.
  • Team Homework Calendars - a listing of the homework calendars for the MAUMS teams.
  • Athletics - an external link to the MAU Athletics & Activities website.
  • Bus Routes - a listing of MAU bus routes with approximate pick up times.
  • Daily Schedule - a link to a Google Document with the Regular, 1 Hour Delay, 2 Hour Delay, and 90 Minute Delay schedules.
  • Gizmos Login - an external link to Gizmos, online simulations that power inquiry and understanding
  • Minds & Movement - an external link to Minds & Movements, a program dedicated to increasing student movement throughout the day.
  • Program of Studies - information about the current course offerings at the Middle School.
  • Student Handbook - an online version of the Student Handbook
  • Summer Reading - an external link to summer reading information