About Us

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Mount Anthony Union Middle School is a regional school district serving seventh and eighth grade students from Pownal, Woodford, Shaftsbury, and North Bennington. Additionally we serve Bennington students from grade six, seven and eight. We invite you to become active members of our school community and look forward to your arrival at our middle school campus in Bennington, Vermont.

The period of adolescence (between the ages of 11-15) is especially challenging as children in this group experience more rapid physical, social, and emotional growth than at any other time in their lives. The Mount Anthony Union Middle School program has been designed to meet the emerging needs of this age group while developing strong academic skills through Differentiated Instruction. (D.I.)

One way that we strive to meet student needs is through our organizational structure. In order to support small learning communities and make learning more personal, MAUMS is divided into two equal “houses”. Each house shares common unified arts teachers and facilities and contains teams balanced by ability, gender and sending schools. Teams vary in size from approximately 50 to 100 students. Students will move from grade to grade within each house so that they experience consistent counselors, teachers, and administrators. Within the team structure, the academic areas of Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Science are covered. A special education teacher works closely with each team to meet the needs of all students.

In addition to a rigorous academic program, Mount Anthony Union Middle School offers a full contingent of unified courses. These are all described in the Program of Studies. Although single subject course descriptions are listed, correlations are drawn among and between the subjects wherever possible. Learning becomes more meaningful as the curriculum is integrated.