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Staff Directory

Below is a comprehensive, alphabetized listing of the Mt. Anthony Union Middle School staff by department. Each name is linked to an email address. Click a name to send an email. Visit a classroom website by clicking on the Classroom Link.

Note: Not all teachers have classroom pages.


Tim Payne - Principal
Toney Lee - Associate Principal
Christopher Maguire - Associate Principal

Administrative Assistants

Roxi Bleau - Data Processor II
Beth Gardner - Secretary II
Sarah Hollister - Office Manager/Principal's Secretary
Karen Madison - Secretary II
Holly Spier - Secretary II

Art Department

Leah Mahoney - Teacher
Karen Viglas - Teacher

Health & Physical Education

Tracy Galle - Physical Ed Teacher
John Martin - Physical Ed Teacher
Amanda Cox - Health Teacher/Physical Ed Teacher


Crystal Sandquist - In School Suspension

Language Arts

Beth Codding - Teacher
Mary Habich - Teacher


Maria Lanoue - Library Media Specialist - Ms. Lanoue's Classroom
Ann Webster Lang - Library Clerk


Darlene Jones - Maintenance Foreman
Joe Benkoski - Custodian
Ralph Bortell - Custodian
Tim Burgess - Maintenance
James Frechette - Custodian
Stanley Lampron - Maintenance
Paul Dansereau - MAU Director of Facilities

Mosaic Program

Krista Speroni - Mosaic Program Director



Katlin Ballance - Para Educator
Brian Boudreau - Para Educator
Kelly Brooks - Para Educator
Jill Campbell - Para Educator
Marilou Craft - Para Educator
Monica Crawford - Para Educator
Mary Ellen Erickson - Para Educator
Dawne Gibbs - Para Educator
Janine Harris - Para Educator
Amanda Hayes - Para Educator
Donna Hunt - Para Educator
Lacey LaCroix - Para Educator
Laurie LaFontaine - Para Educator
Taylor Lussier - Para Educator
Sarah Matteson - Para Educator
Cindy Niquette - Intensive Special Needs Specialist
Megan Parmenter - Para Educator
Christopher Sherman - Para Educator
Sherry Silver - Para Educator
Julie Smith - Para Educator
Ernest Tetreault - Para Educator
Diane Vince - Para Educator
Carol Wilwol - Para Educator

School Counseling

Melissa Cleary - School Counselor
Courtney Bopp - School Psychologist
Kylie-blu Crawford - Behavior Specialist
Jessica Fabian - School Clinician
Hannah Green - School Counselor
Norman Nicholas - School Counselor
Jessa-Lynn Ordway - Behavior Specialist
Mark Shin - Therapist

School Resource Officer

SMART Program

Howard Moxley - SMART Program
Amy Volpi - SMART Program

Special Education

David Burch - Special Education - OnPoint
Jennifer Fischer - Associate Director Special Education
Michelle Mazzola - Literacy Lab
Rebecca Mercer - Speech Language Pathologist
Kathleen Milani - Special Education
Pamm Powers - Special Education - OnPoint
Rebecca Sausville-Smith - Special Education Evaluator
Karri Zepka - Special Education
Mai Ly Shays - Special Education - Harbor & IDEALS
Katie Sullivan- Special Education - PALS
Heather Voice - Literacy Lab



Christopher Aiken - Senior Systems Administrator
David Hansen - Education Technology Specialist
Michael Sullivan - Technician I