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Mosaic Program

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Krista and I’m the new Director of the Mosaic After School and Summer Program. We are a 21st Century Learning Center committed to fostering academic achievement, lifelong interest in the arts, recreation, and other areas of creativity through high-quality, after-school mentorship and support.

The choice for the name Mosaic is significant as we are made up of many different organizations all working toward the same goal. Partners with Mosaic are: The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union, Southwest Vermont Career Development Center, Southwestern Vermont Health Care, New England Tropical Conservatory, Oldcastle Theatre, Bennington Center for the Arts, the Town of Bennington, and many more.

Mosaic’s ultimate goal is to unite the greater Bennington Community in the common belief that offering engaging youth opportunities which are linked to academic achievement will build student resiliency, support student-centered learning, and introduce students to entrepreneurship as they develop their personal passions. This will result in a greater high school graduation rate and a more successful transition into post-secondary success.

I’d like to thank all the parents, guardians, care-givers, and students who have supported the Mosaic program. These opportunities wouldn’t be available without your help! We strive to build and strengthen our community via parental involvement and frequent field trips to new and interesting places in Bennington and beyond. I encourage students, parents, and guardians to become involved; we are building the program together and make every effort to incorporate your ideas along the way.

Forms can also be found at the Main Office at MAUMS or in many teacher’s rooms who offer Advisory. If you would like a paper copy mailed, please contact me at:

krista.speroni@svsu.org or call (802) 447-7541 ext. 8758

If you have any other questions, suggestions, concerns, or just want to connect with the program, don’t hesitate to reach out!

I’m looking forward to a great year together!

Krista Speroni
(802) 447-7541 ext. 8758


Krista Speroni - (802) 447-7541 ext. 8758
Director of the Mosaic After School and Summer Program

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