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Mosaic Program

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Krista Speroni and I’m the Director of the Mosaic After School and Summer Program. We are a 21st Century Learning Center committed to fostering relationships built on mutual respect, lifelong interest in the arts, critical thinking skills & creativity through high-quality, after-school mentorship and support.

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Mosaic FAQ:

Mosaic is open to all 6-8th graders in Bennington County. Homeschoolers and students from charter or independent schools are welcome. If you or someone you know is interested in attending a Mosaic class yourself, please contact the director for opportunities to get involved.

Mosaic’s Fall session will run 10 weeks from 10/2/17 - 12/8/17. Clubs run Monday through Thursday, from 2:45p - 4:45p. Pick-up is at 4:55pm. Students should report to the Cafeteria by 2:30pm and wait for their Mosaic club leaders to arrive.

Because your kids deserve a chance to peruse their passions or try something new! Mosaic is a safe, stress-free environment for kids to learn what they want, how they want and at their own pace. Not to mention…. everyone learns better when they are having fun!

After School snacks are provided free of charge by the Abby Group at 2:15pm. If you are interested in more nutritious, locally-sourced food options, sign up for .....

We are happy to introduce our brand new "Farm-to-School" exchange program offered on Thursdays and Fridays after school. FTS provides essential instruction in gardening, edible landscaping, greenhouse growing, proper waste management, nutrition, cooking on a budget, food preservation, and much more! Space is limited and students must sign a "code of conduct contract" to participate. Students must participate at least once a week, though are encouraged to attend both days.

Free buses are available via Green Mountain Express. The Red Line will stop twice daily at MAUMS, at 3:55p and 4:55p. This bus will deliver students to the transfer station on Pleasant. St. From there, students can take a second bus to reach closer to home if needed. Additional information can be found online: http://www.greenmtncn.org/ or via phone: (802) 447-0477.

Clubs are $20 each for a 10-week session. For example, "Movie Making" will cost $20 for the duration of the Fall session. Two club options will cost $40, and so on. The "Farm-to-School" club will cost $20 even though it will be offered twice a week. There is no fee for Homework Club.

Get involved by becoming a Mosaic Volunteer! Between school-wide events, field trips, Farm Fridays, and Cafeteria Support, there are many ways to get involved! For more information, contact the Director.

"Like" us on Facebook to stay in touch with Mosaic and receive program updates (as of course cute pictures of your kids!) You'll be glad you did!: http://facebook.com/MosaicMAUMS

Thank you!

Krista Speroni
(802) 447-7541 x8758
(802) 440-0877


Director, Mosaic Program

Krista Speroni
Site Coordinator, Mosaic Program

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