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Mosaic Program

Hello and Welcome!

The Mosaic After School and Summer Program is a 21st Century Learning Center committed to fostering relationships built on mutual respect, lifelong interest in the arts, critical thinking skills & creativity through high-quality, after-school mentorship and support.

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Mosaic FAQ:

Mosaic is open to all 6-8th graders in Bennington County. Homeschoolers and students from charter or independent schools are welcome. If you or someone you know is interested in attending a Mosaic class yourself, please contact the director for opportunities to get involved.

Winter Mosaic programs start January 2nd and run through March 14th, 2019, Monday through Thursday each week with the exception of "No School" days or canceled school days due to weather.

Because your kids deserve a chance to pursue their passions or try something new! Mosaic is a safe, stress-free environment for kids to learn what they want, how they want and at their own pace. Not to mention…. everyone learns better when they are having fun!

Supper is offered at 2:30 and is provided free of charge by the Abbey Group.

The Green Mountain Express picks up at 3:55 and 4:55 and travels the Red Line only. It will stop anywhere along that route as long as it is a safe place to stop. GME: 802.447.0477, www.greenmtncn.org.

The fee is $20.00 for each program that a student is signed up for. Which means, each box checked is $20.00. Payment can be sent to:

747 East Road
Bennington, VT 05201
Attn: Mosaic

Scholarships are available. No student will be turned away!

Get involved by becoming a Mosaic volunteer! If you have a special talent or interest and you would like to become an instructor, please contact the director.